Damian Górski - Polish computer scientist and futurologist. Since 2016, professionally related with organizations (Dekra, iPoint-Systems) oriented on area of sustainability and improving the safety of new technological products introduced to public use.

For the past few years, he has been increasingly involved in own research to improve the safety of two critical technologies for the humanity future: Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Author of the book AGE OF BCI: Existential Risks, Opportunities, Pathways.

Currently strongly focused on the problem of AI resources consolidation and the related risks of gradual transition of democracies into autocracies. The alternative approach he explore is based on distributing synthetic intelligence potential across society to build strong and stable democratic-liberal system.

Democratic societies must show autocracies that is possible to build a modern social system based on cooperation and respect for the freedom of all individuals. The highly unfavorable scenario is the future without alternative and hope, where as a result of the consolidation of AI potentials and power, democracy turn into autocratic and further into totalitarian system.