Damian Górski - Polish computer scientist, BCI and AI safety researcher. Since 2016, professionally related with organizations oriented on sustainability and compliance area (Dekra, iPoint-Systems). Between 2015-2021 involved in safety research of two key technologies for our future: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). Author of the book AGE OF BCI: Existential Risks, Opportunities, Pathways focused on deescalation of AI and BCI risks in medium and long term perspective (10-30 years). Currently focused on the short-term AI risks, especially the threat of AI 'race to the precipice' and threat of AI potential and power consolidation that can be highly risky for democracy and safety of unprivileged part of humanity. The alternative approach he explores and develop is based on even distribution of Synthetic Intelligence across entire society to build safe and stable democratic-liberal society.

Democratic, free societies must show that building a modern system based on AI potential, cooperation and respect for all human individuals is possible. A highly unfavorable scenario is a future without an alternative to current trends, in which, as a result of the consolidation of AI potential and power, democracy turns into an autocratic and ultimately totalitarian system.