Damian Górski - Computer scientist, AI and BCI safety researcher. Since 2016, professionally related with organizations oriented on sustainability and compliance area (Dekra, iPoint-Systems). Between 2015-2021, conducted safety research on two key technologies for the future: artificial intelligence (AI) and brain-computer interface (BCI). Author of the book AGE OF BCI focused on deescalating AI and BCI risks from a medium to long term perspective (10-30 years). Currently focused on near-term AI risks—especially the AI 'race to the precipice' and consolidation of AI potential. His alternative approach explores even distribution of synthetic intelligence across society.

Democratic societies must show it is possible to build an order based on evenly distributed AI potential. Without an alternative to current trends, we risk an existential catastrophe for humanity through the consolidation of AI potential and power by a narrow group or AI itself.